About Us

Growing up in an era where learning disabilities were not yet recognised like they are today, and definitely not catered for, the brains behind Smart Minds Learning Centre have a unique perspective into how unknowledgeable the teaching fraternity can be. Being bullied for being differently abled, instead of staying beaten down, they fought to bring enlightenment and a friendly face to the obstacles of not fitting into the mould of our current system.

Making use of several internationally acclaimed resources to ensure that an optimum level of education is achieved. Combined with many years of hands-on experience, creating a well-balanced experience for every student. Smart Minds Learning Centre works closely with several accredited curricula providers to assist in bringing the best solutions for any situation. Most of these providers will give your child the qualification and opportunity to study anywhere in the world. Using CAPS, Cambridge, GED and British curricula that are recognised worldwide. Some of those are available in Afrikaans. Along with tutors that specialise in Special Needs Education, ensuring that nothing is left to chance and no obstacle stands in the way of your child’s educational dreams.

Our Mission

At Smart Minds Learning Centre we strive to provide affordable and quality education. No child should be left behind in the pleasures of learning and rising to new heights within their own abilities. We strive to help them reach their goals and make their dreams a reality. We are passionate about learning and teach the fundamentals to equip this generation for the real world. We follow a holistic approach that identifies and fills gaps left by the current system and a general lack of understanding of the fundamentals of education. Nothing can compare to a tailor-made education accompanied by the real-life skills that make a successful individual in today’s fast paced times.

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