Pros & Cons of Homeschooling

The idea of homeschooling is not a new concept. But it has become an increasing trend since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the academic year of 2020/2021 many a student lost precious time spent in school, ending up with students feeling anxious, scared and stressed out. That, combined with inadequate curricula, has left so many gaps in the learning system of today. So, you might find yourself asking if homeschooling is the way to go for you and your child. Here is a few pros and cons to help you take the next step.



Homeschooling is extremely flexible. The timing can be adjusted to your child’s needs. Even to fit your own schedule. Lessons can be planned according to your lifestyle.


Since you are not bound to a specific time table or schedule, you can travel, practice your hobbies or go visit granny anytime you want. And homeschooling means that you can take “school” with you wherever you go.

Personalized Education

As we all know, every child is unique. And with homeschooling, the lessons and teaching style can be tailored to fit all kinds of personalities and interests. So, if your girl likes to experiment in the kitchen, you can add a cooking class at any time to bring out the little Master Chef.

Strong Relationships

Nothing can compare to the special bond between a parent and a child. You will have more time to enjoy each other’s company and even learn something new even though you raised your child for so many years. Learn about hobbies and seeing your child go from strength to strength first hand is priceless.

No COVID-19 restrictions

Since homeschooling is mostly conducted in your own home, there is no need for masks or constant sanitizing. Giving your child a chance to be exposed to good bacteria that is essential for building their immunity.


Too much work

Now that you are a “teacher”, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the extra duties on your plate. Not only do you have to decide which curriculum to follow, but also work out lesson plans, grade and asses the work that is done, keep your child motivated and still cook dinner, keep the house in decent shape and be a parent too.

Personal needs

If you are used to have a lot of time to practice your hobby or exercise, you might find that your “me-time” is somewhat lost.

Excessive Interaction

After spending the whole morning doing “school” work, and trying your best to be impartial, you and your child might feel a bit confined and that the line between being parent and teacher have melted into one personality mode that wants to teach and correct more than enjoying playful moments of gander and joking.

Missing Opportunities

One of the biggest missed opportunities will be the social interaction with peers if you dive in too deep with homeschooling.

Confronting Bias and Judgement

And of course, you will get some parents that will judge you for homeschooling and mock you of being against the “normal”.

In conclusion, whatever you decide is YOUR choice! You as parent will know if it is the right option in the given time. Discuss it with your spouse and especially with your child so that all of you can decide together if it is the correct path for you to follow. Just remember, one of your biggest responsibilities as parent is to keep your child safe. Life itself can be the best education.

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