The importance of reading to your child.

My love for books started at a very young age. I could read at grade two level by the time I was five years old. And it is all thanks to my Granny who stuck a children’s Bible in my hands to keep me busy. She would read to me for a few minutes each day, and explain those long and difficult words ever so patiently to me. Then it was up to me to figure out the rest of the story. There was no formal teaching or spending hours on sight words. Just plain, casual reading and explaining. Unfortunately, parents of today cannot spend time reading to their children. Mommy and Daddy has to work the whole day to provide for those growing bodies and minds.

But the good news is that parents doesn’t have to spend hours a day reading to their children. Just a few minutes at night before bed can and will make a huge difference. Especially if you read a story about something that your child has an interest in. And if you leave something to read for the next time it will get them excited about the story, maybe even encourage the child to read on his or her own. And believe me, the look on those little faces when they get all excited to read to YOU is absolutely priceless!

Like any other skill, reading begins with small steps. First just looking at the pictures whilst Mommy or Daddy is reading, then going through the book by themselves, and eventually, starting to read at their own. But it remains important to spent at least a few minutes every day to read to your children. Some benefits reading to children include:

• Supported cognitive development
• Improved language skills
• Preparation for academic success
• Developing a special bond with your child
• Increased concentration and discipline
• Improved imagination and creativity
• Cultivating lifelong love of reading

And you don’t have to wait. Start as soon as your bundle of joy arrives!

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