5 Steps to help you choose the best homeschool program for your child

First of all, I hope all of you guys had a wonderful holiday and my wish for you is a fantastic new year. Embrace all the opportunities that come your way and make the best of it!!

I get a lot of enquiries from parents that don’t know how to choose a homeschool program. So, I came up with 5 steps to help you and maybe make the choice a bit easier. There are a ton of options out there, but in the end, it is up to YOU!

Why do you want to do homeschooling? To this question there are many answers. It might be because your child experiences difficulties fitting in with the conventional way of how they are supposed to learn at school. Or it could be that you want better quality education for your child. Or possibly that you are located somewhere where it is hard to get to school, like on a farm or from a very small town. Whatever the reason, something made you decide that homeschool is the best option for your child.

1. Online, books or both methods:

This is one of the hardest choices to make. It all depends on your abilities as a family and mentor. Almost every single available program out there has both these options. So, you have to decide which one will work best for your child. If it doesn’t, no stress! You can change the type of program at any time. That is the beauty of homeschool.

2. Home-based or at a centre:

This depends on what you prefer. Most parents like the structure of a centre, where the children are conditioned to be in “work-mode”. But others prefer the flexibility to be able to learn at any given time or place.

3. University or Tertiary attendance:

This is very important. If you want your child to be able to go to university or a tertiary institution, you have to confirm with the institution whether they would accept your child after completing the chosen program. If not, find out what would elevate your child’s ability and qualify your child to attend the chosen university.

4. Tutor, or no tutor:

Most children can get through the chosen program without a tutor, but some do need extra help. Luckily there are a vast number of retired teachers, professors and other students that is willing and able to help with subjects that are a bit above your experience. Do not feel bad if you need a tutor to assist. Sometimes it might just be that you just don’t know how to pass the information on to your child. Rather get extra help than let your little one suffer further along the road!

5. Can I afford it:

Yes you can! It depends on what your child’s future plans are. But it is never too late to change the program, should it not be the perfect fit.

These are just some of the decisions you will have to make, but I feel these are the most important ones. Whatever your reason to start with homeschooling, remember that it is the best reason!

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